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Eighthly, the international relations are subject to monopolization. She is possible in the area of concentration of production and is sold by private enterprise structures (for example, creation and activity of multinational corporation) and as a result of the, interstate agreements and the unions uniting the largest countries and firms of suppliers of some types of production (for example, OPEC).

Fifthly, one of the main forms international economic the relations — trade — represents a set of intercountry streams of production. In these conditions the world commodity markets where the operations of purchase and sale of goods having, systematic character are carried out are formed.

In the main characteristics the international relations which are a field and result of application of effort, the capital, natural and other represent one of spheres of a market economy with peculiar to it the main of a. Based on the principle of a freedom of choice of sellers and buyers, the market relations assume:

Internationalization of life took place a number of stages in the development. Originally it the sphere of the address and was connected with a of international trade, its transformation into the world. It is the period of the end of XVIII — the beginning of the XX century, with development of capitalism.

integration was considered by representatives of structuralism as process of structural transformations in economy of the countries with the centers of development of an — major companies and the whole branches of a. The result of these transformations, in their opinion, qualitatively new integrated space with more perfect economic mechanism.

At the end of the XIX century the international of the capitals which is coming out now on top in system of the international economic relations gains strength. It makes impact on world trade of a and services — it is the important and real prerequisite of movement of the center of gravity of the international economic relations to the sphere of a and research activity, and marks transition to qualitatively new stage of the relations, i.e. the international integration.