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Market indexes are used in the analysis of business activity of the exchange. Treat indexes of business activity of the exchange: indexes of number of demands for sale and on purchase, indexes of average volume of demands, indexes of wholesale commodity turnover, indexes of exchange prices.

The exchange unifies (limits number, possible option a place and time of delivery. Unification of time of delivery is that the goods are delivered only during the certain periods called by positions. For each goods the periods of delivery are characteristic. In particular, in the market of agricultural products the periods of delivery are defined by seasonality of production.

The corresponding so-called official quotation is counted for each position (delivery date) by averaging of the maximum and minimum prices recorded during the last 30 - 60 from trade.

not all are quoted, and only the major goods, transactions on which are made systematically. Data on such goods are located in the firm list - base of the exchange bulletin. At systematic emergence of new goods of data on them join in the list. At a long absence of transactions on any goods they are excluded from the list;

In practice of the exchange analysis trend models which show analytical dependences of change of exchange prices in time find application. For simplification of calculations for a linear method of the smallest squares expediently use of the linear equations or equations, the linearized rather initial parameters.

In the general price index, i.e. in a price index on we blow to goods, as scales can be used or quantity of each type of goods (qT) in the chosen period, or cost shares of realization (¶t or ¶t). In the first case the index has an appearance:

The exchange goods are standardized not only on quality, but also by quantity. The minimum quantity which can be sold, is called as exchange unit or packing. It corresponds, as a rule, to the capacity of one vehicle or a place. The standard size of the actual scope of supply of goods is the lot, i.e. a certain quantity of goods, multiple to unit (for example, one thousand units or ton, or 100 packings etc.).

The index of real delivery is separately allocated. The index of sale of goods of the separate range pays as the relation of number of sale of these goods for the studied period (qt) to previous (qt) in physical units:

Commodity exchange the classical institute of market economy organizationally issued, regularly functioning wholesale commodity market with a constant place and time of the conclusion of transactions on standards and samples with the official quotation of the prices.