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I grow up seeds of all crops in economy on specially taken away sites. On them the highest agrotechnology and the most strict of fertilizers is provided. It is necessary that plants had normal density and normal growth. On zagushchenny crops of large grain you will not receive. Except an agrobackground quality of cleaning, humidity of seed material is important for seeds.

It is known that the best ears grow from the best seeds, and in a bigger ear grains are larger. Our great-grandfathers specially selected the largest seeds for sowing. Probably, then there was a saying: what seed, such and a tribe you Will seed bad seeds — you will reap the same crop. Certainly that seeds have to be pure, normally humidity, high viability. We learned by own experience that the seeds which are grown up on a low agrobackground can repeat only the crop or slightly increase it, but they cannot produce big crops.