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Task of this paper is comprehensive consideration meat and meat of vegetable canned food. As in production of such canned food certain methods of conservation of foodstuff, the description of all other methods which are not used directly in production meat and meat of vegetable canned food I as the author of the paper, I consider inexpedient and therefore I will describe only those methods of conservation which are traditionally used in branch are applied.

Canned food from fowl: Fillet and Ragout chicken and goose in jelly, the Duck in own juice, the Chicken in jelly, the Goose with cabbage, buckwheat cereal, rice, Giblets goose in tomato sauce, Chicken boiled, Chicken with noodles, vermicelli, macaroni.

Physical canned food is a consequence of inflation of cans as a result of freezing of their contents, deformation of the case or overflow of cans; such canned food is subject to realization according to the indication of sanitary inspection.

On the mode of thermal treatment of canned food are subdivided on sterilized at a temperature over 100 °C (without restriction or with restriction of storage conditions) and thermally processed at a temperature up to 100 °C (with restriction of storage conditions).

Sterilization by currents of the ultra high frequency (UHF) and over the high frequency (microwave oven). Such sterilization of products is made in hermetically corked container by the room in an electromagnetic field of alternating current. Temperature increase of a product to 96-101 °C happens owing to strengthening of the movement of charged particles. As at such heating heat is distributed on all volume of a product evenly, at a big keeping of a tiamin, the best organoleptic indicators and higher bactericidal effect time of processing is reduced at 10-20 times.

The pasteurized canned food is the products subjected to heat treatment at a temperature of 70-90 °C. They possess juiciness, pleasant taste, though smaller firmness at storage (till 6 months at a temperature of 6 °C), contain less salts of heavy metals.

For a human body canned meat is an important source of fat and albumens. They possess good comprehensibility as contain irreplaceable amino acids, their proteins are prepared for action of fermental systems of a human body. The greatest power value canned food with high content of solids - Pork stewed, Mutton stewed, beef goulash, liver pate, Beef boiled, buckwheat cereal with beef (liver), Languages in jelly possesses.

Canned food is developed from the cooled or defrozen ripened beef, mutton, pork, an offal, fresh good-quality sausages, ham, forcemeat and other products (grain, bean, food melted fats, pasta).

On nature of processing of raw materials of canned food can be without preliminary posol of raw materials, with endurance of the salted raw materials, from not crushed raw materials, from crushed (without inclusions of pieces of meat and fat, with inclusion of pieces salted pork fat, homogeneous tonkoizmelchenny raw materials, with preliminary thermal treatment (scalding, cooking, frying) and without it.

Meat and cereal canned food produces from beef, mutton, pork with addition leguminous (peas, haricot, beans), pasta and rice. Not less than 15% of meat and 3% of fat have to be a part of meat and cereal canned food.