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Writing a rule to focus intensely

Group - real-life education in which people are gathered, integrated some general sign, or are placed by a kind of joint activity in some identical conditions, circumstances, definitely realize the belonging to this education.

In narrower sense group norms are certain rules which are developed by group, are accepted by it and to which the behavior of her members that their joint activity was possible has to submit. Norms carry out, thus, regulatory function in relation to this activity. groups are connected with values as any rules can be formulated only on the basis of acceptance or rejection of some socially significant phenomena. Values of each group develop on the basis of development of the certain relation to the social phenomena dictated by a place of this group in system of the relations, its experience in the organization of a certain.

Formalistic approach to the analysis of group norms when in researches only the mechanism a or rejections by the individual of group norms becomes clear, but not them, determined by specifics of activity, it is obvious ­. It is possible to understand relationship of the individual with group only on condition of identification of what norms of group accepts and what rejects and why he so arrives. All this is of particular importance when there is a mismatch of norms and group and society when the group starts being guided by the values which are not coinciding with norms of society.

Esthetic senses arise and develop at perception and creation by the person of the fine. Perceiving beautiful (for example, masterpieces of arts, people has esthetic sense fine which causes desire to admire it, induces to all to new and new meetings with it.